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We are the main distributor in Cornwall for R.P. Adam Ltd, they supply highly concentrated, biodegradable products, which they offer training on the proper use of, FREE of charge.

Can you clean your Kitchen, Washrooms, Hard Surfaces for less than 9 pence per 750ml trigger spray bottle?

COSHH, Product Guidance sheets (click on the product pictures for information) and Instructional Wall Charts are available.

Please feel free to visit to see the full range of chemicals we can supply. 



Deep Clean Degreaser Sanitiser (5L)

(167 x 750ml trigger spray bottles)

A highly effective cleaner and degreaser containing a powerful food safe biocide, which kills a broad spectrum of bacteria.

It is odourless and colourless and particularly effective at breaking down all animal fats, protein, blood, vegetable oils and general grime.

It is therefore suitable for cleaning, degreasing and sanitising all hard surfaces within the kitchen environment.


Hard Surfaces & Floors

Biotek Citrus / Fresh Clean (5L)        

 (167 x 750ml trigger spray bottles or 87 x 12L buckets)

Concentrated perfumed multi-purpose cleaners formulated to clean floors, walls, urinals and other hard surfaces, whilst at the same time leaving a pleasant fresh / citrus fragrance.  Specialised and highly versatile hard surface cleaners that can be used to remove ingrained grime from surfaces including safety flooring, vinyl, ceramic and painted surfaces.




Biotek Wash & Clean (5L)

(167 x 750ml trigger spray bottles)

A concentrated alkaline multi-purpose washroom and hard surface cleaner/sanitiser. It contains a pleasant herbal perfume and is formulated to clean, disinfect and de-odorise washrooms, showers, baths, walls, urinals and other hard surfaces. It also easily removes soap scum, whilst at the same time leaving a fresh herbal fragrance. Tested to BS EN 1276 standard.










In today’s world we are being constantly reminded of our own personal responsibilities regarding the environment. Recycling at home is almost the norm these days. In a similar way businesses need to look at many different ways to improve their environmental credentials. Reducing plastic waste is a key area for high consumers of commercial detergents.


One of the key benefits therefore in using the Arpax range of super concentrates, is that you will drastically reduce the number of plastic bottles you throw away each year. Each 2lt pack of an Arpax bottle fill concentrate is the equivalent of 22 cases of 6 x 750ml packs – that is 132 bottles and triggers thrown in the bin against a one 2 litre pack yielding 200 x 500ml bottles – from the same re-usable trigger spray.  It makes you think.



We include the Arpax products in a variety of sector cleaning charts, as well as a User Guide chart.














Ready to Use 750ml Triggers

There are a range of ready to use products supplied in 750ml trigger pack sprays for Catering, Washrooms and Housekeeping.